Our Sponsors

FlightFest would not be a success without the generosity of our sponsors! We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the wonderful businesses and individuals who have supported us this year! Please take a minute to get to know them!

Interested in becoming a sponsor? FlightFest is a 501(c)(3) organization and can provide a donation receipt. Additionally, FlightFest offers many advertising benefits to your company in exchange for your generosity!

First Class Headline

Our First Class Headline sponsors are AeroSolutions and RS Aviation. This is a $10,000 donation level and makes a huge impact on our event! The CEOs of both companies have been partners in the aviation sales and acquisition arena for years, and have joined together again to ensure FlightFest 2024 is a success! Offering decades of experience in aviation sales, acquisitions and more – there is no one better to advise you with your next aviation endeavor. Take a moment and click on their logos to learn more about them.

Flight Commander

Our Flight Commander sponsor is Kline Process Systems. This generous donation will truly take FlightFest to new heights! Kline Process Systems is your best choice for process design, automation and control systems integration. Click on their logo to learn more about what they do.

Skybound Partner

Our Skybound Partner sponsors have truly been partners to FlightFest – for all four years! Both sponsors are located at the Washington County Airport and donate even more than their monetary pledge – they are also generous with their time, volunteers, and hangar space to ensure our event is a success! Take a moment and click on their logos to learn more about them.

Jetstream Patron

Many of our Jetstream Patrons have been patrons of FlightFest for several years. We appreciate both new and returning sponsors. Click on their logos to learn who they are.


Take a moment to click on their logos and learn more about our Wingman sponsors.

Airborne Ambassadors

Our Flight Partners

FlightFest would not be possible without safe aircraft and talented pilots. FlightFest undergoes rigorous FAA approval to ensure our rides are held to the highest safety standards. We are blessed to have many local pilots and aircraft owners participate, however Fairmont State University and Cloud 9 Aviation go above and beyond each year to offer several aircraft and highly trained pilots to our event. We hope your experience at FlightFest sparks a love of aviation. If you are interested in an aviation career or becoming a private pilot, click on their logos to learn how they can help!

Our Local Partners

The Washington County Tourism and Promotion Agency offers grants each year to festivals and events such as FlightFest. FlightFest and the WCTPA work together each year to bring individuals from surrounding counties and states to enjoy all that Washington has to offer. Their grant allows us to advertise well outside our local area to attract new attendees. Their partnership allows us to welcome crowds of over 4000 people each year! Click on the their logo to learn more about local events, grant opportunities, and more!

Osso’s Pizza has been a hot spot in Washington County for over 70 years! Originally starting as a way to bring a NY pizza sensation to Washington, Osso’s has grown and changed over the years to include a robust menu of delicious Italian food – serving their famous pizza, hoagies, pastas and more. We are so grateful for Osso’s partnership, as their family business has donated the entirety of our volunteer luncheon – serving more than 100 volunteers on the day of FlightFest! Click their logo to view their website and stop by their Washington location for Italian nom noms!