Event Disclaimers

Pets, with the exception of service dogs, are strongly discouraged from attending this event. Loud noises caused by aircraft can cause distress or spook animals and cause them to run away.

Advance tickets are refundable only before the date of the event. Tickets will be available for purchase at the event; however, tickets purchased at the event will not be refundable for any reason, including inclement weather, as all proceeds will be donated to charity.

No implicit guarantees are made that an individual will be able to ride in an airplane. Riders must be able to fit inside small aircraft and enter/exit aircraft of their own volition (for safety, pilots will offer some assistance to all passengers). Most aircraft seat 2-3 riders, plus 1 pilot. Families may be asked to ride separately (as much as able, children will not be separated from parents/guardians. Children 5 or under will not be asked to ride separately from a parent/guardian). Children 5 or under must have an accompanying parent or guardian with valid ride ticket. Children under the age of 1 ride free but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with a valid ride ticket. Groups are split and seats are chosen at the sole discretion of the pilot, with regards to the weight and balance of the aircraft. Riders may be asked to provide their weight to the pilot to ensure safety.

Pets are not permitted on airplane rides. The duration of the ride will be no less than 15 minutes. Flight plans are at the sole discretion of the pilot and are largely dictated by weather and air traffic. No implicit guarantees are made as to where the plane will fly and what will be seen during the flight.

Airplane Ride Waiver

Huey Ride Waiver